I was lost in the dark 
And the fear was in my heart 
All around me the forest and the rain 
Then with the flash of a light, I saw it in the night 
I must be getting near - Saint Peter's Gate 
When I went through the door, he was standing in the hall 
An old man with a beard of shining white 
He said "I've been expecting you, let me show you to your room"
  And he took me all the way by candlelight
 And lying there on the bed, a book, black & red 
My name was written on the front in gold 
And when I opened it up, there were pictures of my life 
And a voice began to call from down below 
Nobody will get through, nobody 
Not even you, can escape the Judgement Day 
Nobody will be spared, Heaven is only there 
For the ones who satisfy them at - Saint Peter's Gate 
"Come with me" said that old man, as he took me by the hand
"There is someone here that you have seen before 
In this room on the left, a man who did his best 
To bring joy and happiness to one and all

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saint peter's gate !!! بابا :)chris de burg :)